***If you just want to contact Zoph see the bottom of this page for relevant email address. DO NOT send mail to zoph@occultminds.com, this address is no longer functional.***


To You,

I am sorry to do this so suddenly and with no warning. As you may have noticed there is no longer an IRC network at irc.occultminds.com nor is there is a website at this domain.

I cannot any longer, in good conscience, continue running this network and the associated website.

Many of you who I've come to know over the years I sincerely care about and enjoy our friendships. For that reason alone I'm leaving this message on this domain for awhile. I feel as if I need to give a reason to you all for my actions.

First, I want to apologize to all those that I have hurt over the years with my words. I am truly regretful for that. I hope you can find it in yourselves to forgive me. My wish for you all is to grow as people and human beings who may finally find their peace as I have found mine. I'm sure that most of you know what I am dealing with in my life right now and the troubles I am facing. This has led me in the direction to where I am now and the decisions I am making.

I have searched all my life for truth and have not been able to find it. I have changed philosophies drastically swinging from one extreme to another for the last 14 years, all the while being truly miserable which was probably obvious to most of you. In all my searching I have realized that what I was missing was with me the entire time. I have returned to the faith of my upbringing and I have found my Salvation in Jesus Christ. I know that some of you will ridicule me for this and others will insult me. I wish you would not, but if you feel the need then, so be it. I will mournfully accept your persecution, and forgive you for it. I know that the few of you that truly know me will respect this decision. It is my wish that you may find the Faith as I have. I know that the hearts of man can be hard. I know this because I was such a man. I am glad to have found peace. I have found fellowship and family. Be glad for me.

That all being said, I am going to miss you guys. I am not leaving IRC forever, and you may even find me somewhere in the future. I am going off to create something new, another network and website. I appreciate those of you who lent an ear when I needed it, who rebuked me when I was wrong and who gave me kind words in periods of darkness, and all the laughter we shared. Thank you. I want to leave a way for people to reach me if they choose, so at the bottom of this page you will find an email address that I can be found at. We had a great ride and some awesome times. I grew a lot and I met some unique individuals during this endeavor and I highly doubt I will forget you all. Especially you, hehhhhh.

If you wish to remain in contact with me send mail to this address: azophriel@gmail.com (yes, there is an R: AZOPHRIEL@GMAIL.COM)


Zoph 10/05/2015

P.S. To those of you that got glined before the shut down. I had to do it one last time. :3